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Roof Restoration in Melbourne

Strong Life have restored thousands of roofs across Melbourne to their former glory using superior Dulux Membrane products as a Dulux preferred applicator. “Over 30 years, the numbers add up.”

You’re in good hands with Strong Life. There is no secret to our success, when you use reputable brands like Dulux; you can relax knowing that you're covered. Strong Life is a Dulux trained and preferred applicator.


Our extensive roof inspection will check for broken, cracked and chipped tiles. Ensure that the bedding and pointing are inspected, along with your valley irons condition.

Strong Life will go further than most checking the roof timbers and battens. Strong Life don’t just “Paint Roofs” we use a breathable membrane unique to Dulux; giving your roof the ultimate protection from any Melbourne weather. Strong Life trades are qualified roof tilers, and are both licenced and insured. We treat your home like our own with a 100% satisfaction guarantee backed by Dulux.

Roof Replacement Melbourne


Strong Life Group has been Melbourne’s first choice for roof replacement for over 30 years - we're the experts. In this time we have replaced, re-built and repaired thousands of metres of metal roofs across Melbourne.

This experience and knowledge will count when your roof needs our expertise, Strong Life Group are up to date with all codes and regulations across the roof plumbing industry. With the licenced and insured trades to bring your old roof back to life.

A damaged roof can cause a serious threat to your property and valuables. The roof is the safety net from all the dangers of weather and the elements. Strong Life Group can even change a tired, worn and leaky tiled roof to a beautiful full sheet Colorbond roof.

Reducing the weight load on the structure and enhancing the roof with modern look long lasting Colorbond.


How Strong Life Group Does It Right

  1. Your roof will be pressure cleaned by our experienced team. This will remove all the dirt, lichen and moss and at 4500 PSI. It will remove any fungal, spores ready for the restoration process to begin.

  2. Broken tiles are removed, chipped tilers are replaced or re-located to ensure a weather tight finish.

  3. Bedding and pointing is then inspected. All the loose broken bedding is removed then replaced to lock them down. New pointing is then applied using an acrylic based flexi-point, to seal and protect for many years to come.

  4. Anti-fungal spray is applied, this stops regrowth of any lichen, or moss from returning.

  5. Sealer/ Primer is then applied to wrap all the tiles and ridges for a longer weather tight life.

  6. Two coats of Dulux Membrane is now applied. This is the last step to your roof rejuvenation. This returns your roof to it former glory, with a sheen that will last a ling time.


Restoring your roof is an easy upgrade, and it adds value to your home!


Your roof is a third of the total visual appearance of your home, if tired, worn out and unsightly it will drag the value down by tens of thousands of dollars. A new Colorbond roof can add thousands of dollars to the value of your property and even help to sell it faster. With our great supply partners, Strong Life Group can change your roof and put your mind at ease for many years to come. 


Strong Life Group - the trusted name in Melbourne's roofing industry for 30 years


Our fully trained sales team will inspect and appraise your roof, then with your properties best interests at heart, propose the best solution to suit your home “without breaking the bank or your budget.” As always, Strong Life Group will take all the rubbish away leaving you with peace of mind that your roof has been replaced with the greatest of care and trades.

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