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Guttering in Melbourne

Strong Life Group are the experts in Guttering in the Greater Melbourne area.


"There has never been a house in Melbourne which we couldn't fix. We have guttering solutions for all homes and budgets to transform your gutters from tired and worn out to free flowing, beautiful and maintenance-free for 25 years." - Todd Jordan, Owner

Are your gutters:

  • Rusted

  • Blocked

  • Holding water

  • Lacking carrying capacity

  • The wrong colour

  • Falling apart

  • In need of painting

  • Not working anymore

The roofing, guttering and downpipe system on your home comprises one third of your house - it is the shield which protects your investment. We're here to make sure you get it right with a free no obligation inspection by one of our expert team members.

These aspects are quite often entirely forgotten about until a serious problem arises as many homeowners focus the majority of their home improvement efforts on other areas of their home. Not only is the guttering and downpipe system on your home essential for water drainage and run-off, it also plays an important aesthetic role on your home - making the right choices will maximise effectiveness and kerb appeal.

Whether you decide on Box Gutters, Half Round, Quad Gutter, Square Guttering or any other Colorbond design, we can supply and fit to the highest standard.

Houses shift on their foundations over time, timber can bow, move and rot; resulting in small openings which invite rust to take hold of your roof and gutters. If you can see rust appearing on your gutters - it's time to replace them. If you find that your gutters, facia and/or downpipes are beyond repair then it’s time to call Strong Life Group.

Gutters and Downpipes

At Strong Life Group, we only use the highest quality products which stand up to the tough Melbourne weather conditions and continue to work well and look for year to come. 


Start looking at your new Colorbond steel gutters in your choice of style and colour below.

Click HERE to see the Colorbond colour range.

Click HERE to see Guttering Profiles.


All Strong Life Roofing and Guttering replacements carry our unique 3 Stage Warranty.

  • 25 Year Manufacturers Warranty on Materials

  • 6 Year Strong Life Warranty on Workmanship

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

This Is Our Guarantee:

  • You will get exactly what you pay for every time including quality products and workmanship.

  • We will rectify any issues no questions asked until you are a fully satisfied customer.

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